The Questions


A. Name, company, location, website, certifications, awards and special recognitions
B. When did you first start speaking? How long until speaking became your full-time job/primary source of income? In what ways did you first start generating income as a speaker (in workshops, classrooms, etc..?)
C. If you had to guess how many times you’ve presented in front of a crowd? And what’s the largest crowd you’ve ever spoken in front of?
D. How often (times/year) are you speaking now?
E. What is your average fee?

The main interview questions

1. Business revenues: can you give me an idea of your primary source of income that allows you to sustain a career in public speaking?

  • % from your speaking fee
  • % from product sales (direct vs. indirect)
  • % from consulting or coaching
  • % from any other source? ie. Royalties, etc.?

2. What do you attribute your success to? Did you have a mentor?

3. Are you now, or were you ever, involved in NSA or Toastmasters? If so, how have those organizations benefited you? Any other recommended reading, classes, etc?

4. What are you doing now in your speaking business you should have started doing sooner?

5. How has the internet helped you? Do you tap into social media (ie. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), and how are you using it to be more successful? How about traditional PR/getting in the media (TV, Radio, or print)? Are you using a publicist?

6. What are the biggest mistakes you see new speakers make?

7. Biggest challenges you face as someone making a fulltime profession from speaking? How have you overcome those challenges? Any tips or tricks that have really helped you? The most difficult aspect of your career to keep under control?

8. How are you able to keep your content ‘fresh and new’? And do you typically book repeat engagements w/the same organization?

9.Your most embarrassing or humbling moment (while speaking)?

10. What have been the most rewarding aspects of your speaking career?

11. What do you hope your audience takes away from your talks?

12. What it might say on your tombstone? (or the cover of the brochure at your funeral?)

13. Is there anything else you want to share? Anything I didn’t ask that you think an aspiring speaker should know about this business?