Michael Jackson’s “This is it”

michael-jackson-this-is-it_lI went back and forth about seeing this movie.  As it turns out, I’m very glad I did!  I didn’t realize until halfway through it, why it was an important film for me to see right now.

I knew I would love hearing Michael’s music again.  He really was an amazing song writer and performer.  A Baby Boomer with an incredible amount of energy and passion!

But what the audience gets from this film is an up close and personal view of the vast amount of creativity behind one of the largest, most complex multi-media productions ever created.  The audience gets a small sense of the millions of details that go into producing a masterpiece of modern theater.

The only thing  better would have been seeing the final production live.  Something that can sadly never happen now.  I actually felt sorry for this gigantic crew that had devoted over a year of their lives to this show.  They were quite suddenly and tragically out of work.

Why was this important for me to see?  Because I have just completed a number of interviews with some of the top speakers in the country. One message comes through loud and clear from these masters of presentation, speaking is a performance!

A number of them have taken comedy and performance classes just to become better speakers.  The high level of multi-media creativity packed into “This is it” was exciting and so very stimulating!  It showed me how dynamic and mind-blowing an amazing performance can be.

Near the end of this film, filled with footage that was never meant for public consumption, Michael explains what he was hoping to create with his final international performance.  He said he wanted to offer the audience escapism.  He said,

“I want to take them places they’ve never been before.”

That’s the best any great performer can aim for!

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