Jen Enck “Wake up and smell the 21st century!”

Jep EnckWhen Jep Enck was teaching life skills to students at Fort Collins High School, he realized that Fort Collins, Colorado was the largest city in the United States without a community youth center for students. So, in 1986, Jep founded and managed the Activities Youth Center of Fort Collins. This was the first step on a path that led him to be honored with the Outstanding Community Service Award by President Ronald Reagan.

Jep Enck’s success in the non-profit realm has made him a highly sought-after trainer and speaker in topics that focus on the human element – ranging from stress management to leadership and from communication to conflict resolution. Today, Jep still makes his home in Fort Collins and speaks about 60 times a year.

Below is an excerpt from our exclusive interview with hard to nail down Jep. The rest of his interview is featured in volume 1 of Finding Speaking Success: Mentoring Tips from the Masters, along with 25 other insightful interviews with highly successful professional speakers.

Q. What are you doing right now in your speaking business that you should have started doing sooner?
A. Social marketing. I actually have a consultant that’s helping, so I’m on LinkedIn and Facebook but I am not actually the person doing any of it. There was a group in Chicago this year with all these young and up-and-coming leaders who told me that if I had Facebook right now, they would be putting reviews on for me right away. It’s great marketing and I wasn’t even on there. They essentially said, “Wake up and smell the 21st century.” My fan base is getting younger because everyone else that’s my age is ten years from retirement.

Q. How else has the internet helped you?
A. The internet has been huge. For a long time, our inquiries were only phone calls. My primary source of inquiries now is e-mail. It makes you more available.

We developed the balancing survey, a tool to help you assess your own state of balance and the level of stress in your life. It’s just been added to my website. It’s just getting up, but I have surveys from Alaska to Alabama. I’m going to compile that data into a book and the working title is Know Thyself: American Search for Balance.

Beyond The Book

Coming soon… A video excerpt from our interview with Jep!

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