Have you found speaking success yet?

Then why not learn how from the new book: Finding Speaking Success: Mentoring tips from masters. What did co-authors Laura Lee Carter & Brian Schwartz learn by interviewing 25 top speakers for this new book?

Speaking is more than just speaking. Speakers spend much of their time marketing, traveling, developing new content, and creating books or dvd’s.  Your product line isn’t just important as a means of making money after your presentation. It can also help you secure future bookings.

People love funny stories! Tell them funny things that have happened to you. It makes you seem more like them, more human and more approachable.

Emulate to learn, but innovate to earn. Great speakers know emulating is a great way to get onto the field, but all true accomplishment in the world has stemmed from someone doing something different. Eventually, you need to blaze your own trail and innovate to find success.

A great way to market and network for speakers. Every new speaker should have a respectable website, along with regular contacts on a variety of social media websites. There is no good reason why a popular speaker would not take advantage of the power of the Internet. Your website works 24/7, 365 days per year, and never asks for a raise!

Know your audience ahead of time. Send out surveys, do your research, ask meeting planners detailed questions ahead of time.

Excerpted from volume 1 of Finding Speaking Success: Mentoring Tips From The Masters, available February 2010, featuring interviews with 26 very successful speakers!

Learn more at: www.50speakers.com

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