Ava Diamond “Find your passion. Share it with other people. Enjoy the success that results from that.”

avaAva’s unique style combines wisdom, humor, warmth, and a passion for results. To drive home her points, she uses stories and examples people relate to—she has an uncommon ability to connect with her audiences. People describe her as genuine, funny, thought provoking, passionate, and refreshing. They love her combination of practical information and high-energy delivery. Ava inspires action!

Ava speaks from over 20 years experience as a Fortune 100 manager, executive director of a not-for-profit agency, successful entrepreneur, and organizational consultant. She distills this experience into powerful lessons that inspire immediate action and get results. She has a huge passion for helping women be more successful.

As the President of The Diamond Success Group and Feisty Woman Productions, Ava helps organizations get their people aligned, focused and motivated, to increase productivity and decrease turnover.

Below is an excerpt from our exclusive interview with Ava. The rest of her interview is featured in volume 1 of Finding Speaking Success: Mentoring Tips from the Masters, along with 25 other insightful interviews with highly successful professional speakers.

Q. What would it say on your tombstone?
A. “She squeezed the juice out of life. She gave it all she had. She stepped out, tried new things, lived boldly and loved deeply. She had an amazing journey.”

Q. Anything Else?
A. A wise man asked me several weeks ago, “What are you so passionate about, that you would be willing to get up an hour earlier every day to pursue?” My answer was very clear to me. No doubts at all.

This leads me to my best advice for aspiring speakers. Find your passion. Share it with other people. Enjoy the success that results from that. Although there’s a lot that goes into each of those three things, that’s really the essence of it.


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