Mentoring Tips from the Masters


If you could interview a panel of successful speakers, what would you ask?

$24.95, 256 pages paperback (6×9) ISBN: 978-0-9822907-5-0

Whether you want to earn a six figure income as a speaking professional, or simply learn what the masters already know, Finding Speaking Success will reveal many of the answers you seek.

Some of their answers may surprise you.  Why do some speakers recommend lessons in acting, comedy, and improv? What are they doing now, that they wish they had started sooner?  Want to hear about their most humbling or embarrassing moments while speaking?  How is the profession changing with the proliferation of webinars and video conferencing?

We are extremely grateful to the 26 wonderful speakers who were so gracious with their time.  They can feel that the time was well spent because we have made their interviews available to anyone through Finding Speaking Success: Mentoring Tips from the Masters.

  1. Chris Cox, Amplitude, LLC
  2. Jim Davidson, Speaking of Adventure
  3. Ava Diamond, The Diamond Success Group
  4. Jep Enck, Enck Resources
  5. Carol Frank, Birdseye Consulting
  6. Patricia Fripp, President, Fripp and Associates
  7. Steve Gilliland, Steve Gilliland Inc.
  8. Cheri S. Hill, Sage International, Inc.
  9. Larry Kendall, Ninja Selling
  10. Jill Lublin, Promising Promotion
  11. Mark McIntosh, The Comeback Coach
  12. Meggin McIntosh, Emphasis on Excellence, Inc.
  13. Barbara McVicker, Stuck in the Middle
  14. Terri Norvell, Further Performance Group
  15. Brian O'Malley, Spirit of Adventure
  16. Charles Phoenix, God Bless Americana
  17. Katy Piotrowski, Career Solutions Group
  18. Joe Sabah, Sabah and Company
  19. Mark Sanborn, Sanborn and Associates, Inc.
  20. Gina Schreck, Synapse 3Di
  21. John Sileo,
  22. Dave Taylor, Intuitive Systems/
  23. Dr. Jerry Teplitz, Jerry Teplitz Enterprises, Inc.
  24. Leanne Thieman, Speaker Hall of Fame/Author/Nurse
  25. Robert W. Wendover, Center for Generational Studies
  26. Kim Wolinski, MSW, Dr. DeClutter

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The questions we asked:

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Dr. Meggin McIntosh was born in South Carolina, grew up in Tennessee and Kentucky, graduated from college and taught elementary school in Missouri, earned a master's degree and taught elementary and high school in Texas, earned a Ph.D. in Texas while teaching high school and then undergraduate classes, taught undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Nevada, Reno (10 years), founded and directed the Excellence in Teaching Program at the University of Nevada, Reno (5 years), then entered the full-time speaker, author, entrepreneur portion of her life as of January 2004, and she is doing just fine.

You can find out where Meggin is speaking next through her website at:

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